Order Fulfillment


Our onsite personnel can help you load up your order at our Greenville, SC Fulfillment Center!  Large items may need advance notice for proper packaging.

Delivery & Setup is available on a fee basis within 300 miles of Greenville, SC.  Rates are as follows:

Zone 1: 0 - 75 miles: $250.00

Zone 2: 76 - 150 miles: $350.00

Zone 3: 151 - 225 miles: $450.00

Zone 4: 226 - 300 miles: $600.00

    Delivery & Setup is defined as transporting your purchased products, where they will be unboxed, assembled and placed in your home.  Smaller items will be assembled in our warehouse prior to loading.  All packaging materials will be removed from your premises after furniture placement has been completed.

    For orders of $10,000.00 or more, we will consider delivery outside of our 300 mile radius.

    Shipping is available outside of our 300 mile delivery zone, via commercial carrier.  If you are outside of our 300 mile delivery radius, call us at (864)881-8550 for a quote and to place an order.

    For customers remodeling, purchasing or building homes, we can store your order free of charge for one year and schedule your delivery for the day you move in.

    For any questions related to your Order, contact our Customer Service team at: (864)412-8755.

    Email us at: Fulfillment@ClassicCarolinaHome.com.